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XylobandsXylobands™ are a new unique marketing product. Coldplay is using these amazing bands as a way to bring the audience into their show, and light up the crowd in a way NO-ONE has ever seen before.

Xylobands™ can carry your brand and your message. They can be used at music events, sporting events, festivals, parties and corporate events – the possibilities are endless.

Product Information

  • Xylobands are LED wristbands you can control.
  • You can vary the speed of flashing, including on/off, and also control which colours are flashing.
  • Xyloband strap and LED colours are currently available in, green, blue, yellow, red, pink and white.
  • A white strap will show all LED colours clearly – the LED light colour will not show until the LED is on.
  • The case colours are currently pink or blue for orders under 50,000 – any colour for larger orders.

How do they work?

  • Xylobands are operated using our proprietary software that can be downloaded onto your laptop.
  • The laptop would be connected by cable to a transmitter box and antenna. These are supplied by us on a free rental basis with a £500 refundable deposit.
  • We can supply set up and operating personnel, or alternatively, you can do this yourself.

Branding options

Case label

  • For orders over 5,000 we can print your message on the strap.

Strap printing

  • For orders over 10,000 we can print your message on the strap.

Case embossing

  • For orders over 50,000 we can produce embossed logos on the case.

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