Brain Art

Let your brain do the painting. Our innovative brain art technology enables your guests to create abstract art form just by painting through one’s brain waves.

Just as a traditional artist decides on a general direction for their imagery before squeezing their selected paints onto their palette to begin, you too choose your style and colors. You can pick your favorites, coordinate with a room d├ęcor in your home, or just go with how you feel on the day. Seen here are color palettes for the art styles.

Process Step a and b

Gear Up

learn-gearupWe use a state-of-the-art EEG headset. It collects your brainwave information and analyzes what your brain is doing. Specifically, we collect how you’re feeling. When you begin Brain
Painting, this information streams wirelessly in real-time through the Braintone Art Imagery Generation Engine to project your emotions as abstract artwork on the digital canvas.

For this to work well, we need unobstructed access to the forehead and left earlobe.



It’s time to create. Direct where your brain will paint by simply facing where you want the art to appear. Your brain does the rest.

Let your mind take over and begin creating artwork based on your art style and color palette, coupled with your conscious and unconscious cognitive thoughts and emotions. Don’t worry, that questionable image you’re envisioning in your head won’t show on the canvas. We measure very high level thought only.

The beauty of painting using your brain is that there’s no mess, no artistic ability required, and it can be created quickly. A typical session takes minutes. When you’re done painting, we simply remove the headset from your head.



Then, after you’ve painted, you get to sign your new masterpiece.



This is an evolving work of art, transforming with every shift of your brain activity. Every ten seconds the current visual state was recorded. When you’ve completed your painting, you can review and choose your favorite moment as the final artwork.



You get a small takeaway print with a scan-able QR code so you can view your entire session snapshots whenever you want and, of course, to share with others.


Discussion with others about what was happening on your canvas is always an enjoyable activity of discovery. What does your artwork tell you about yourself and your brain? What were you thinking when you created it?